NVR IP Camera CoN Camera-over-network System

NVRs are like DVRs, except they record in HD. You can record only record IP Cameras with a NVR.

Whereas in a traditional DVR, the video files are encoded (changed from video feeds to files) in the DVR; with NVRs, the video is encoded and processed in the IP Camera and then sent to the NVR to be saved, viewed, and stored. NVRs do not have video capture cards but usually have sophisticated (or multiple) Ethernet or wireless ports.

Often NVRs are mistakenly called DVRs, but they are different.

NVRs work with IP (Network) Cameras; rather than BNC analog (standard definition) security cameras.

4CH 4Cam IP Network NVR System

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4CH H.264 Security System 4 IP Network PoE IN/OUT door Security Camera NVR System

The NVR Security System will satisfy everything you need to defend your home or business. It allows you to have peace of mind at your home or business whenever and wherever you are. It provides the basic surveillance function at an affordable price for your security surveillance needs.

Each IP camera delivers 720p megapixel at 1280 x 720 pixels, with sharper and larger image and video than standard analog security cameras. It covers more space with more details, with the 2.8mm wider angle lens.

Feature Description
Remote Online or From Smartphone This system allows you to remote your cameras, no matter the time or location. Access your DVR’s footage over the internet, or directly from your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobil and BlackBerry 7.
24/7 Scheduled Recording The DVR can setting days of the week and hours of the day you want set to record, or not record. Each individual camera can even have a personalized weekly schedule.
1Tb Hard Drive The system with 1TB hard drive Installed for 24/7 surveillance H.264 compression to record 14 days of video simultaneously from all 4 cameras and it can overwrite itself to continue record. With real time recording, you are able to play back your recorded footage flawlessly.
sPoE is named from simplified power over Ethernet. This time, no extra power cable needed, just plug one cable for one camera, and it's on the go. It includes 4 cables in which 4 of 55ft , and supports network cable length up to 165ft (not included).
View from a TV or PC monitor A TV can be used with an BNC to RCA cable, while a PC monitor can be used with a VGA cable. This gives you more connection options while viewing activity captured by your cameras.
View from a TV or PC monitor A TV can be used with an BNC to RCA cable, while a PC monitor can be used with a VGA cable. This gives you more connection options while viewing activity captured by your cameras.
Customize Your Camera Display You can view four cameras at once on a split screen, or view only one camera at a time.
Motion-Detection with email alerts Motion can be turned on or off for specific cameras or set the motion sensing area for more precision. Setup the NVR to send email alerts with snapshot when a motion event occurs to your mobile device. Get peace of mind but still catch every essential moment.
Included Mouse and Remote,Easy USB Backup A built-in USB port gives you the option of backing up and transferring your video with a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive.
Search by Date, Time and password protection Simply choose the desired date and time range, and the requested video clips will appear. Set a password to prevent unauthorized user or changing any of your DVR setting.
Weatherproof Cameras The cameras are encased in weatherproof aluminum metal to ensure they can withstand prolonged outdoor exposure.
2.8mm Wide Angle Lens These cameras are equipped with a fixed 3.6mm aperature, which provides a field of vision.
H.264 Video Compression The NVR utilizes H.264 compression to bring you quality video while maximizing your hard drive storage capacity.
Instant Email Notification Receive instant email alerts when motion is detected, an alarm is triggered, or video loss occurs.
Multitasking Pentaplex operation allows multitasking: view, record, playback, back up, mobile phone view and remote access simultaneously.
Free DNS Service DNS is an available connectivity method for advanced users. Router port-forwarding is required.
Day night monitoring with IR-Cut switch Each IP camera comes with 24 premium IR LEDS and is capable of recording up to 65 feet in dark and even total darkness to provide protection day or night. In addition, when the lighting conditions are unfavourable, our Advanced IR filter will automatically activate and purifies colors leaving you superior color-accurate video footage.

4CH 4Cam IP Network NVR System

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Note: Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. The images collected are sent to a monitor and recorded on video tape or as digital information. The cameras can be fixed or set to scan an area or they can be operated by controllers. Monitors can be watched by controllers or left unmonitored. The recorded information can be stored and/or reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience.