Video Compiling

CK Custom Security Consultants, does on-site video compiling for our clients for free. We also can perform video data recovery at any scene of the incident by the owners request or Police request.

Instructions for video data recovery

There are two methods to precede record in DVR, manual record and schedule record. The priority of manual record is higher than schedule. If the record schedule is conflict with manual record, the manual record will be processed firstly until the manual record being canceled. Record types include “common recording” / “alarm triggered recording” / “motion detection triggered recording” / “alarm & motion detection triggered recording”, the following indications will be displayed on the right upper corner of each split screen:

Manual Record

Please select < Tool Bar > → < Manual Record > to let the specific channel record or not. Press【●】 button to start/stop recording manually.

Schedule Record

Please select → < Setting > → → < Record Schedule > to set.

The setting screen is shown as the figure below:

System provides a recording option for 24 hours every day and Sunday through Saturday every week. Unit is hour. One grid indicates one hour.

Move highlight icon to a time grid using 【Direction】 buttons.

Specify the recording type by repeat pressing 【Enter】 button or double left clicking mouse,(the color of the grid will change relevantly).

Select OK to confirm settings. The settings will take effect after being saved.

For the detailed operations, please refer to 5.3.2 Record Schedule

When motion detection & alarm recording is selected, the motion detection sensitivity and area should be set ahead. Please refer to 5.4.6 Motion Detection Settings for details. When alarm recording is selected, the alarm triggering settings should be set ahead. Please refer to 5.6.3 Event Handling for details.

4.5 Video Playback

Specify the date/time and channel number by selecting < Tool Bar > → < Record Search >.

The searching results will be list on the screen in responding different colors so as to distinguish different record types.

Date & time search by Panel or remote control

In order to playback a certain video feed from a particular camera, you first need to indicate what time and which camera you wish to receive this information from.

Move highlight icon to relevant selection box using 【⊲ 】,【⊳ 】buttons.

Move highlight icon to date/time selection box, modify time using 【▲】,【▼】 buttons. Move highlight icon to channel selection box, press【Enter】 button to select it or cancel selection.

After setting time, channel number , move highlight icon to Search using 【⊲ 】,【⊳ 】 buttons, and press 【Enter】 button to start searching recorded video.

Move highlight icon to , press 【Enter】 button to zoom in/zoom out timeline.

If the timeline is out of screen, please move highlight icon to and press 【Enter】 button to display the part out of screen.

After searching over, by remote control, press【FN】button will move to timeline to select start time, then press 【FN】button again to select stop time, after that, press【FN】button to finish the setup; by or button of faceplate to select start/stop time as【FN】above..

The available recordings will be represented by differently colored bars on the time line depending on the type of the recording (Blue: common recording, Green: motion detection triggered recording, Red: alarm triggered recording, Grey: manually made recording).

After all settings, move highlight icon to Play using 【⊲ 】,【⊳ 】 buttons, and press 【Enter】button to start playing.

Date & time search by Mouse

User can mouse click to specify time. First left-click on timeline will mark 【start time】and there will have a vertical line show up , second left-click will mark 【stop time】. Mouse right-click will clear all marked time.

Playback Control


  • :Back backwards, the available speeds are 8X, 16X.
  • :Fast forward, the available speeds are 1X, 8X, 16X, 1/2X and 1/4X.
  • :Pause.
  • :Stop playing.
  • :Go to next frame.
  • :Click to switch from single camera to 4/9 camera.

4.6 Video Backup

Select < Tool Bar > → < Record Search > to search, backup and playback the specific record files you needs. Set the start time and stop time as describe in 4.5 Video Playback

Click [Backup] to enter into the backup screen. System will detect all the backup devices available and display them. Backup device can use USB flash drive, USB portable HDD and USB DVD Burner.

Please select the suitable device and record type according to requirement first, and click [Backup] to start save audio/video. If there is no backup device found, a prompt tip will appear to remind users of connecting USB device well.

The types of record video back up include H.264 Raw, MPEG4 and AVI for USB Flash Drive and portable HDD(need external power supply), and only MPEG4 can be backed up for USB DVD Burner; when backup in MPEG4 types, the special video decoder components WMP_MediaFilter.rar will also be backed up together automatically. After it is decompressed and installed, the stored MPEG4 video files can be playback only by Windows Media Player.

4.7 Play Backup Video on PC

For MPEG4 video format playback, you must install decoder component for Windows Media Player. User can find the compressed files “WMP_MediaFilter.rar” inside the backup devices. Uncompressed the “WMP_MediaFilter.rar” and execute “InstallFilter.bat” to install the decoder component, you can playback MPEG4 file by Windows Media Player.

Please note you don’t have to install this component for playback every time, it is one time installation; or you can use the “MP4Player” to play back MPEG4 format, please refer to Utility inside the CD of this package (Appendix D).

For H264 video format playback, you may go to to download vlc binaries player according to your operation system, but must rename the stored video file from *.264 to *.h264.

This is the software that comes on all of our DVR's and it is the same software that we use on our servers and any computer that is used for security purposes. The reason we use our own software is that it is not known around the world by criminals which gives us an edge in that dark world. Mainly it is easier and cheaper to keep you safe. The software that is out in the world for sale is already hacked by criminals and the software that has decent security would cost so much and that means we would have to raise our rates, We do everything we can to fight cost and keep keeping your home or business safe.