Wireless Security




WHEN IT COMES to the security of the Internet of Things, a lot of the attention has focused on the dangers of the connected toaster, fridge and thermostat. But a more insidious security threat lies with devices that aren't even on the internet: wireless home alarms. …Read more »

Top Wi-Fi routers easy to hack, says study



The Wi-Fi router you use to broadcast a private wireless Internet signal in your home or office is not only easy to hack, says a report released today, but the best way to protect yourself is out of your hands.

The report, written by research firm Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore, found that 13 of the most popular off-the-shelf wireless routers could be exploited by a "moderately skilled adversary with LAN or WLAN access." It also concludes that your best bet for safer Wi-Fi depends on router vendors upping their game. All 13 routers evaluated can be taken over from the local network, with four of those requiring no active management session. Eleven of the 13 can be taken over from a Wide-Area Network (WAN) such as a wireless network, with two of those requiring no active management session. …Read more »

Avoid this Wireless Alarm Hack



This simple-looking SDR device is the key component that enables wireless residential alarm systems to be hacked.

The value of your subscriber contracts may be vanishing before your eyes if you have been installing wireless burglar alarms. In fact, hackers have already figured a way to break into and jam a wireless burglar-alarm system —enabling the perpetrator to easily create false alarms, monitor the activities of the homeowners and disarm the system.

A decade or so ago, the equipment needed to hack an alarm system as shown on the Good Morning America segment would have cost tens of thousands of dollars — and it would have needed to be loaded on a large rack installed in close proximity to the wireless burglar-alarm system it was targeting. Today, with the explosion in technological advancements a burglar’s “tool kit” now includes electronics —including Software Defined Radios (SDRs), which now come free with the purchase of a $20 antenna to connect to a laptop computer. Now, any video gamer can go online to purchase an SDR, which comes with alarm-hacking instructions to mimic the tricks seen on Good Morning America. …Read more »

This is where CK Custom Security Consultants comes in


BY Thomas Fry ON FEB 17, 2018

This is not as scary as it would seem. There are ways to protect yourself and your company, but only if you understand the risk. There are times where wireless cameras and wireless internet is appropriate and safe.

Let me introduce myself first, I am Thomas Fry, the current owner of CK Custom Security Consultants and I am working on my Master's in Digital Forensics at The University of Tampa. I some of my duties for the company is to stay up on what the criminals are doing and hw they are attacking people in the electronic world that we live in. If you haven't noticed already I do not sell wireless security products, and anyone who does, does not care about their clients. The easiest way to avoid being hacked thru your wireless signal, is to not have any wireless products anywhere near your valuable data. This does NOT mean you cannot have wireless internet for your employees and customers, it just means that some precautions have to be made.

A decade or so ago, a friend that owned a gas station was complaining to me because he knew that I was knowledgeable about computers. I told him that there is no safe way to have a wireless internet and be able to accept credit cards safely, I told him I would do some research and get back to him. I researched wireless security for about six months until I figured out how to have the best of both worlds. He was my very first customer and still uses that original system that I installed for his business. After realizing that everyone in the world was jumping on the wireless train, I did not because through my research I realized there was a dangerous aspect to wireless and the manufacturers were not telling anyone that there is really no such thing as wireless security. The router you are using in your home right now can be hacked with a smart phone. I have become an expert at giving the availability of both wireless access to the internet and a very secure security system to protect the business. The rest you would have to become a client of mine to find out how I can do this, Trade Secret. …Read more »

Note: Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. The images collected are sent to a monitor and recorded on video tape or as digital information. The cameras can be fixed or set to scan an area or they can be operated by controllers. Monitors can be watched by controllers or left unmonitored. The recorded information can be stored and/or reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience.

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