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Entry security provided by LockeyUSA

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The Lockey TB950 Magnum is a concealed, heavy-duty hydraulic gate-closing system designed to act as both the gate closer and hinge. Ideal for man-gates and other heavy gate systems, the TB950 Magnum is perfect for schools, airports, oil fields and other applications where effective perimeter security is necessary. With speed adjustments for both closing and latching speed, the TB950 provides consistent closing pressure, ensuring gates close smoothly and steadily. Additionally, the gate closer/hinge is 180-degree capable (swing-in/out) when equipped with a 180-Plate (sold separately).

Suitable for gates up to four-feet wide and 250 pounds in weight, the TB950 has no ‘pinch-points’ and can be installed on both right and left-handed gates. The TB950 Magnum is tested to one-million cycles and can operate in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our supplier of Access Points is Top-of-the-line

Now available from LockeyUSA, the TB950 Magnum joins Lockey’s existing line of gate closing systems including the TB100 TurtleBack Gate Closer, TB175 Garden Gate Closer, TB200/400/600 Hydraulic Gate Closers and TB250/450/650 Adjustable Hydraulic Gate Closers.

PERCo-WHD-15 Full Height Security Gate

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The WHD-15 security gate is designed for secure closure of a passageway and used for control of access at locations with high security requirements.

Standart delivery set includes:

  • assembled gate
  • electric rim lock
  • door closer with fasteners

Keyscan mobile access control

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Mobile access control highlights a new era for Keyscan access control systems. Users with enabled iOS or Android devices can store mobile credentials in an app behind the security of a mobile device. When enabled, users can conveniently and efficiently access entrances secured by mobile-enabled readers.

RCI 910TC: Hands free ingress and egress is easy with the RCI 910TC. Just a simple wave of a hand will activate automatic doors. It is ideal for health care facilities where limited contact with surfaces can reduce the spread of infection. The RCI 910TC also features built in mechanical override in the event of power loss.

E-Plex 7900 RF: The new E-Plex 7900 RF wireless lock features a new design with advanced functionality. Available in models with unique credential reading ability, it is the perfect wireless access complement for all Aurora powered Keyscan environments.

BEST Shelter 9KX: A responsive lockdown solution that quickly creates safe spaces within a facility. In a live shooter or violent incident, lockdown is initiated via individual fobs or panic buttons that are connected to repeaters in the building. Fobs can be configured to lock a single door, set of doors or an entire building, while notifying first responders. Visual indicators and a configurable audible alarm help communicate lockdown status (per lock) throughout the building. BEST SHELTER is a unique combination of code-compliant mechanical hardware and proven technologies that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

CK Custom Security Consultants Access Points Sales

We have decided that loading up web pages with our catalogues of available equipment, would be expensive and because there is so many variations of each Access Point, we will carry our catalogues with our sales people at your FREE Security walk-thru. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Note: CK Custom Security Consultants, has a metal shop that we manufacturer some of our security products. We are in the process of constructing each item we can manufactorer and conducting a photo shoot. CK Custom Security is looking forward to offering a host of products that by constructing the items ourselves, we can then pass the savings onto you.

Security Analysis: 352-321-9519.

Note: Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. The images collected are sent to a monitor and recorded on video tape or as digital information. The cameras can be fixed or set to scan an area or they can be operated by controllers. Monitors can be watched by controllers or left unmonitored. The recorded information can be stored and/or reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience.

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