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CCTV Camera Buyers Guide

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Feature Description
Bullet Type Cameras are designed for capturing images in a fixed area. These cameras are recognized by their thin and cylindrical design. There are also classifications of Ultra Bullet distinguished by their smaller size and cheaper price.
Dome Cameras named after the shape of their housing are designed for in-store installations. It works in two ways as it is unobtrusive but visible, thus, it warns people that the area is protected by a CCTV network and gives comfort to its clients for its security.
Discreet CCTVs are cameras in disguise, they could look like a fan or any other thing that would not seem suspicious in the area.
Infrared Cameras are designed for evening lookouts. It captures images with the help of its infrared lighting surrounding its lens.
Day/Night Types are used for 24/7 installation, these cameras compensate light conditions with its wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight.
Varifocal Cameras are designed to allow zooming in and out without losing focus on the image
Network Cameras allow transmission of images through the internet with controlled bandwidth
Wireless cameras are cameras that may or may not be connected to the internet. These cameras use signalling devices to transmit images from camera to viewing area
PTZ Cameras or pan-tilt-zoom are cameras that can moved. There are variations of these cameras that are programmable and are manually controllable. This allows viewers to have more freedom and control on viewing things.
High definition cameras are often used in casinos or high risk establishment. With its high resolution lens, capturing images are possible giving viewers a finer detail on taken images.
Weatherproof Cameras The cameras are encased in weatherproof aluminum metal to ensure they can withstand prolonged outdoor exposure.
2.8mm Wide Angle Lens These cameras are equipped with a fixed 3.6mm aperature, which provides a field of vision.
H.264 Video Compression The NVR utilizes H.264 compression to bring you quality video while maximizing your hard drive storage capacity.

DVR & NVR's reliability is excellent

A stand-alone security camera DVR(Standalone DVR System) is an all-in-one unit. Meaning it has all the components built into one circuit board. Stand-alone security camera DVRs are highly reliable and are very easy to use and install. It looks very similar to a VCR or a DVD player. As far as surveillance goes, DVRs are fast replacing old out dated VCRs. Remember back then when you use to record movies onto a VCR, over time the VCR tape will lose quality but since a DVR is digital you will always have the same quality.

DVRs are becoming very popular for surveillance systems especially in the home and business where they are proving very cost effective and are pretty reasonably easy to set up and install. Another good selling point of a DVR is that you never have to replace VCA tapes like how they use to do it. Since it is installed on a hard drive, you never have to worry about forgetting to put the tape into the VCR or running out of storage. DVR are designed to run 24/7, once the hard drive fills up, the DVR will delete the oldest day and record over it! This means that you will save a fair amount of money on storage and storage space. A DVR security system provided instant access to recorded or live video.

A stand-alone security camera DVR is very dependable and user-friendly. Mostly because they are designed for one task, which is to record, store and playback video. So you don’t need to worry about system crashes or software conflicts because all the hardware and software are embedded on one board. If reliably and stability are what matters most to you, and then buy a stand-alone security camera DVR would be the right choice for you

Note: Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. The images collected are sent to a monitor and recorded on video tape or as digital information. The cameras can be fixed or set to scan an area or they can be operated by controllers. Monitors can be watched by controllers or left unmonitored. The recorded information can be stored and/or reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience.

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